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DAK`ARTS 2019 INTERNATIONAL DAKAR VISUAL ARTS SYMPOSIUM DAKAR 2019 INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE,1st INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURES AND PAINTINGS SYMPOSIUM FROM MAY 10 TO MAY 21,2019 DAK`ARTS 2019 Rules and Conditions of the Symposium 1. Time and place The 1st International Sculptures and Paintings Symposium Dakar 2019 will be held in SENEGAL, DAKAR, from the May 10th to May 21st,2019 at the hotel complex Art Sou soum Hotel and Cices Dakar information : 2. Symposium targets · - Promoting the arts and artists and make Senegal an artistic destination. - Linking relationships between artists from all sides - Artistic and cultural exchange between artists from all over the world - To promote high quality contemporary arts availability to public, raise public interest in culture, preservation of cultural heritage. · Development of tourism in the region. The 1st International Sculpture and painting Symposium, is organized by Ousmane Gueye artist sculptor in association with the Ministry of Culture of Senegal . 3. The topic of the Symposium FREE 4.Materials · Marbles,2 cubic meters ; · Granite, 2 cubic meters; · Metal sheets and profiles (steel, stainless steel); · Wood of oak or linden for interior sculptures · Bronze, casting in a highly professional workshop by the models of sculptures made of plastiline during the Symposium; · Canvases, acrylic paints for painters; FOR THE SCULPTORS AND CERAMISTS ARTISTS,The high office of the culture of Senegal will provide for each artist with a maximum of 2 cubic meters, 2 stones (rocks) in total, sized and preformed according to the artist's orders as dimensional specifications. The organizers will provide power and air compressor, angle grinder 9". the office of the symposium will provide also all the listed tools and materials from the artists by sending proposals, for the wood, glasses and ceramics artists, the materials and tools are provided according to the artist’s orders, The theme of the symposium is free. 5. The Symposium provides · Accommodation and food at the hotel Sou Soum Dakar; · Materials for the sculptures: stone (marble or granite), metal (steel or stainless steel), Plasticine for making a model,casting in bronze after the end of the Symposium; · For metal sculptors welding and cutting machines, grinders, another tools, working space; · The equipped studio for painters with painting materials: acrylic, canvases, brushes; · 6. The participants are obliged : · To accomplish the sculpture or paintings in accordance with the selected projects or sketches; · To take part in the traditional painting competition; · To be present at the working place during the working time of symposium; 7. The procedure of application and selecting the participants of the Symposium. The participants of the Symposium will be selected on the base of projects of the sculptures, painting sketches and documents. All the necessary sketches and documents should be send at · The filled and signed registration form, doc format ; · Artist CV,Resume. · Minimum 2 photos of your previous sculpture works of monumental size in the selected materials for sculptors and no less than 5 photos of previous painting artworks for painters . · For sculptors: photos of models of suggesting sculptures from 4 points of view; the description of the project (the title of the sculpture, material, size, explanation of the artistic idea); · For painters: color sketches, lay out, artistic motives for the painting works which you like to realize during symposium, the description of the artistic concepts; 8. Other conditions : · Participant can use other materials for the sculpture; · Participant can be accompanied by someone · The symposium does not cover other expenses of artists such as beverages, cell phone charges etc; · The organizers have rights for publish the artworks, created during Symposiums; · FOR THE PAINTERS. All painters will have a stand (12’ width X 8’ height), as well as a table and a chair at their disposal ,we will provide the lighting if needed and easel . The Painter can bring along a maximum of 6 paintings to display at your stand (exceptions for sculptors). - All blank canvases have to be identified by the Sales committee at your arrival. - Your canvases may be covered with washes of subtle color or with different Texture mediums, but NO DRAWING that is begun on the canvases will be Accepted. - All mediums are accepted. The sculptures produced by the artists in the symposium will be placed in The Sculpture Park of the city Dakar and the painting produced by the painters will be placed and sale in the Gallery Arts Dakar . ARTICLE 9: The accommodation (motel,double rooms) and food will be provided by the Municipality and sponsors,companions can come on their own expenses. ARTICLE 10 : The travel expenses for all artists will be covered as follows: 50% of the travel costs from the artists outside Africa, 75% of the travel costs from the artists living in Africa ARTICLE 11: For Painter who has completed 6 paintings at the end of the Symposium will be given the amount of 2,000.00 Euros along with the certificate of participation all sizes are accepted . ARTICLE 12: For the sculptor who has completed his work will be given a total of 2,500.00 euros. The half of the total amount will be paid in the second week of the symposium; the remaining will be given after the symposium is completed, along with the certificate of participation ARTICLE 13: The Dakar Municipality will provide tents and cover roof, water, tee, coffee in the symposium site during the symposium. The working area will be indoors and outdoors, close to the motel. ARTICLE 14: The artists are obligated to remain in the symposium work area during the symposium working hours ,working hours Tuesday to Saturday from (9:30 AM to 5:00 PM) after the working hours the artists can make they own activity for visit the City of Dakar ,the island of Goree who is a world historic patrimony . ARTICLE 15: Each artist are allowed for not more than 2 assistants ,the assistants,will benefit also the 50% of the flight tickets costs accorded by the high office of the culture ,the assistants will benefit also the residency room for free including food if they share the same residency room with the artist . If you are interest for the symposium please contact Dakar Arts Symposium 2019 the application portfolio including all the documents listed , must be sent to email address below: CONTACT : Mr Sow BP : DAK`ARTS 2019- 2244. Dakar Painting and sculpture Symposium 2019 Email : Tel : + 221 - 77-389-45 68 + 221 - 76-389-45-68 or Visit our website :  

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